The union that represented nurses at Youngstown's now-closed Northside Medical Center has filed a civil lawsuit in Federal Court against the Ohio Nurses Association.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court by Youngstown General Duty Nurses Association President Laurie Hornberger against the ONA and ONA Deputy Executive Officer Bob Cousins.

The YGDNA is a member of the statewide Ohio Nurses Association.

The suit alleges that the ONA improperly placed the YGDNA under emergency trusteeship and removed YGDNA officers accusing them of fiscal malpractice after the YGDNA Board of Directors authorized a $300,000 donation from the local union's cash assets to The Youngstown State University Foundation.

The YGDNA says the donation would support scholarships for union nurses who lost their jobs and are seeking to enhance their education in nursing and for nursing students who were union members.

According to the lawsuit, at the time the $300,000 donation was made the YGDNA had cash assets of $400,000.

YGDNA attorney Dennis Haines argues that the ONA acted improperly and can only place the local union under trusteeship in cases of corruption, financial malpractice or ensuring the performance of collective bargaining agreements.

The suit seeks removal of the trusteeship and restoration of YGDNA officers to their positions.

The ONA has yet to file a response to the lawsuit.

The operator of Northside Medical Center closed the facility in September putting nearly 200 nurses out of work.

The YGDNA complaint may be seen here: