Like cookie tables at weddings, wedding soup is a popular valley food tradition.

Now it's time for those chili cookoffs to move over and make way for the Mount Carmel Society's first ever wedding soup cookoff.

Cooks have plenty of time to get their best recipes together.

The society plans to hold the cookoff on January 19th at 6:30 pm at its hall, 102 Washington Street, Lowellville.

Those entering must provide three gallons of wedding soup and will be given two free tickets to the event.

There will be a popular vote and a judges vote. Prizes will be awarded to first and second place winners.

Tickets for non-contestants are $20 at the door. They'll be provided with a tasting spoon and a ballot.

In addition, there will be raffles for money and prizes. Pizza and hors-d'oeuvres will also be provided.

For those of you not familiar with Italian wedding soup, one recipe from renowned chef Giada De Laurentiis features a chicken broth based recipe contains meatballs, endive, eggs, and parmesan cheese.

Those entering the contest should contact Ed Barone at 330-883-0605 or Dave Gagliano at 724-730-5844.