The president of the union representing Canadian autoworkers says his members don't have the same government support that American autoworkers enjoy in their efforts to convince General Motors to keep plants from shutting down.

The assertion came from Jerry Dias National President of Unifor, the union which represents the 2,600 workers who face unemployment if GM goes through with plans to close the assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario this year.

After meeting with GM officials on Tuesday, Dias revealed in a news conference that the company rejected union proposals to keep the plant open.

In expressing his disappointment in GM's decision, Dias said he was disgusted with what he characterized as the silence of the provincial and national governments in Canada.

“Our backs are against the wall and we expect our governments to work with us and fight with us. Not to cower in the background and say it's inevitable,” said Diaz.

Dias had praise for the reaction from President Trump and Ohio's U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman to news GM planned to end production at four plants, including Lordstown.

“I'm listening to the President of the United States who I disagree with on 99.9% of the things that come out of his mouth. But at least he's fighting,” said Dias. “I listen to Portman. I listen to Brown. I listen to the Senators saying to General Motors, 'It's not acceptable'”.

Dias says GM has “changed their tune” when it comes to plans for closing U.S. Plants.

“They talked about the inevitable closures in the United States and now they're saying we'll deal with it with the UAW in collective bargaining,” said Dias. “If the politicians have a spine and the political will, they can work with us to make life very uncomfortable for General Motors as we appeal to General Motors to change their decision.”

The Canadian union is conducting the “Save Oshawa GM” campaign, which has a similar goal as the “Drive it Home” campaign organized by Valley community leaders and the United Autoworkers union to convince GM to bring a new product to it Lordstown plant instead of shutting down in March.

Unifor's lobbying efforts include a TV commercial condemning GM's decision to end production at the Oshawa plant.

In addition to airing on national news channels, the new advertisement will appear on Hockey Night in Canada and WXYZ Detroit, where GM is headquartered.

The union is also hosting a solidarity rally on Friday in Windsor, Ontario.