Congressman Tim Ryan announced Thursday that his guest for the State of the Union address will be Dave Green, President of UAW Local 1112. 

"I'm honored to bring Dave Green as my guest to the State of the Union this year. Since GM's announcement to close the Lordstown plant, he's been working around-the-clock to support GM workers and advocate for a new product at the facility. Dave will be representing the hundreds of laid-off GM Lordstown workers who deserve to be seen and heard. I thank him for his leadership, and I can't imagine a better partner in this fight to save GM Lordstown," Congressman Ryan said, "That being said, I fully support the delay of the State of the Union until our government is reopened. On the 27th day of the government shutdown, 800,000 Americans are still furloughed or working without pay - with no idea when their next paycheck will come. Only after we get America back to work should we be talking about presidential addresses."

Green is president of the UAW chapter that oversees the GM plant in Lordstown, which is one of five North American plants scheduled to be idled this March. 

"I'm proud to represent the hundreds of dedicated workers at GM Lordstown who have been affected by the announcement to place this plant on unallocated status. I look forward to attending the State of the Union and representing the values of our hard-working men and women. Our voices deserve to be heard," said Green. 

A date has not yet been set for the State of the Union due to the government shutdown.

Congressman Ryan says he supports delaying the State of the Union until the government is reopened.