When it freezes then warms up significantly, Service Master says homeowners need to check their sump pumps and floor drains to make sure they're working properly.

"Sometimes you will hear your sump pump running and you will think it's running ok, but it might not be pumping and you'll think it's running ok, but it might not be pumping the water anymore," said Kevin Wyndham of Service Master. "A lot of times when the ground freezes the discharge disconnects or something else can happen, so the water is coming right down back in and cycling back in or coming right back in the house."

Master Plumber Specialist Don Hannon at Home Depot in Boardman showed 21 News various products to help if your home has already flooded.

"A utility sump pump is something you plug in and do with a garden hose and that is what people mainly need when they have water in the basement from two feet down to a couple of inches," said Hannon. "A wet-dry vac can help suck up small amounts of water and after the water is removed, an Air Blower can help dry out your home."

Hannon said the air blowers or fans blow air onto the floor or carpet and help dry out your floor or carpet.

You can actually pull some of the carpet back if it's really wet. The key thing is to get all the moisture out of there.

Also, make sure to wear a respirator to help you do your job more safely.

"We have materials to solder pipes but you need a torch and it can be dangerous," said Hannon. "The next generation product is a compression fitting that you put on and tighten it up, and then there are shark bites, an easy to use items for homeowners. They are push-on. You still need some tools such as pipe cutters, so you have to be a little handy to use them."

You should know where your water valves and main shutoff are in your home.

MOEN came out with a smart home water monitoring alarm and automatic shutoff device that will sense how much water is going through the main pipes, and it's a smart alarm that goes to your smartphone, so if there is a leak at your house, the product will actually shut the main off for you and notify you that there is water running.