The family of murdered Air Force Reserve Major Karl Hoerig shouldn't plan on hearing an apology when the major's wife is sentenced for his murder today.

In another hand-written document filed Thursday in U.S. District Court by Claudia Hoerig, the 54-year-old Trumbull County Jail inmate says she will not address the court during this morning's sentencing hearing for aggravated murder.

A jury convicted Hoerig last month for the 2007 shooting death of her husband at their Newton Falls home.

Hoerig's latest court filing is titled as a “Motion to dismiss due to prosecutorial fraud.” But there is no mention of the prosecutor in the document's nine pages.

Instead, Hoerig addresses the press, saying “Due to the countless misquotations that I've suffered by the Media and by the transcriptions done in my court file, I will refrain from addressing the court on Friday.”

Hoerig says instead she is preparing a letter to address the family and media, which she will make available through her public defender at a later date.

The court filing also includes six pages dated January 5, 2019, which is a commentary on her experience while in the Trumbull County Jail.

Hoerig includes a list of jail employees she says give corrections officers a “good name,” and a shorter list of those she believes should be fired.

The motion is posted on the federal court docket even though U.S. District Court John Adams ruled last month that the court would not accept any of her legal filings unless it is a notice of appeal.

Sentencing is scheduled for 10 am in the courtroom of Judge Andrew Logan.

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