Convicted murderer Claudia Hoerig has been transported from the Trumbull County Jail to the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville. 

This comes after being sentenced to life in prison in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court on Friday morning.

Hoerig will be eligible for parole after serving 28 years behind bars, three of those years are mandatory for a gun specification for shooting and killing her husband at the time, Air Force Major Karl Hoerig back in March of 2007 at their Newton Falls home. 

Friends and family testified that Karl Hoerig had planned to leave her because the marriage wasn't working.

The courtroom was packed with loved ones and close friends of the victim, many who talked about how the crime has changed their lives forever.

Convicted murderer Claudia Hoerig received the minimum sentence for the crime of aggravated murder because a deal was cut with Brazil to get Hoerig back to the United States so she could stand trial for murder after a nearly 11-year extradition battle between the two countries.

The deal would allow 54-year-old Hoerig a chance at parole after serving 30 years.  (In Brazil the maximum sentence for the crime of aggravated murder is 30 years).  The victim's family was consulted about the deal and supported it.

Claudia Hoerig fled to Brazil after shooting her husband three times and then covering his body with a tarp.  She emptied a bank account and then drove to the Pittsburgh airport and boarded a plane where she ultimately ended up in her native Brazil.  Brazil refuses to surrender their own even on murder charges.  But it was later learned Claudia Hoerig renounced her Brazilian citizenship in 1999 when she became an American.

Chief Prosecutor for Trumbull County Dennis Watkins said, "This was a fair resolution to get her to court, get this case prosecuted and yet get a sentence that is comparable with other people who commit the same crime with the same background.  So justice won today."

Claudia Hoerig refused to address the court before sentencing saying she's been misquoted by reporters, so she'll issue a written statement to news organizations and the victim's family at a later date.

As for the victim's family, Karl Hoerig's father, Ed, said, "Claudia Hoerig don't exist.  Not in my mind.  She's still breathing.  Karl isn't breathing.  Other than that she don't exist in my mind."

When asked when he thinks about his son Karl today, what would he say to him about the sentencing,  Ed Hoerig replied, "I don't know.  All I know is that the one person that would have forgiven her would have been Karl."  

Ed Hoerig then broke down in tears as his oldest son Steve Hoerig tried to comfort him with a loving embrace.

Then Ed Hoerig said, "I don't know what to tell you. All I know is there is no closure, and there is no real justice.  Real justice is he would be above the ground."

Claudia Hoerig plans to appeal her conviction.