A makeshift memorial to a loved one killed by a careless driver has been stolen right out of a Warren family's front yard.

While the family suspects the culprits are kids, they hope in the future they'll learn to respect what others might view as sacred.

To look at the outside of Jay and Shelley Wonders Warren home, you may not notice that anything is missing.  But a memorial in the form of a lighted bike, that's been there for 15 years, has been stolen and gone since at least Monday as the family changed holiday decorations. 

Shelley Wonders said, "I was taking down St. Patrick's Day decorations and putting up Easter, and that's when I noticed."

Monetarily the couple says the bike is worth nothing.  But symbolically it's everything because it's in memory of their son Garrett Wonders who was hit and killed while cycling in South Carolina.

Jay Wonders, who is Garrett's father, said, "Our son Garrett who was a Naval officer, a nuclear engineer and was on the military's lead cycling team and was chosen from that team to go to the Olympic trials in 2004. He was hit and killed by a careless driver on a training ride."

The Wonders initially put out the bike as a Christmas decoration the year their son was killed, and just never wanted to take it down.  

"Cause he loved cycling, he loved the sport, loved to get people involved in it, just kind of a memorial to him," Jay Wonders said.

The couple believes it's most likely kids who stole the bike and they say if it's returned, no questions asked, because they just want it back.

They also hope those responsible learn to respect others property, as well as the loved ones they cherish.