A meeting was held Monday with the Sebring Board of Education and the community to discuss moving sixth graders to the high school next year.

The sixth graders would join seventh, and eighth graders for a new math and STEM curriculum that is being planned.

Parents expressed their concerns and board members tried to relieve any fears they may have for their child. 

"We wouldn't be doing this if we thought for a second it would be harmful to the kids in any way, shape or form. This type of thing happens all over the place but ours is not for consolidation or a cost savings issue," said Joe Krumpak, the principal at Sebring McKinley High School.

Julie Freet, a parent said, "After hearing what they said, I feel better knowing they are going to be isolated and they're going to get to keep the teachers they were going have."

The board will vote on the issue on April 15th.