Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders stopped at Lordstown High School Sunday afternoon. 

Sanders spoke to union members and addressed both local national issues related to the area. 

"This is a really important meeting. It's an important meeting, not just to discuss the horrific impact on this small town and this community about GM preferring to give billions of dollars in stock buybacks to make the very rich even richer, while they chose to close down this plant and other plants around the country. But the discussion that we're having today, right here, is a discussion that impacts virtually every state in this country and our entire economy," Sanders said. 

He spoke at length about the closure of the GM Lordstown, and other auto plants around the country and was critical of GM and Wall Street's business choices since being given government bailouts. 

"What we have to decide is whether in our democracy we are going to allow a handful of billionaires on Wall Street to close down profitable plants like the one here in Lordstown, whether we going to allow them to  go to Washington and ask for incredible tax breaks for the one percent and then fight to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, whether they are going to dictate trade policies in America so that profitable corporations will destroy the lives of American workers while they go abroad and pay people a buck or two dollars an hour to do the work that used to be done in America," Sanders said. 

Sanders also voiced his disapproval over President Donald Trump's handling of the GM plant closures. "Today, I say to Donald Trump, you're a really tough guy. You're prepared to shut down the federal government, you're really a tough guy to deny tens and tens and thousands and thousands of workers a paycheck, you're really tough on that one, well lets see how tough you are, tell General Motors today, no more federal contracts until they deal with Lordstown," Sanders said.