Nearly a week after visiting Lordstown, the Bernie Sanders campaign is rolling out a digital ad on social media focused on GM Lordstown.

The job losses in the valley are starting to become a national talking point for presidential candidates on the campaign trail.
21 News caught up with the Lake Milton man featured in the ad.

"At one time this is what built the middle class during the industrial revolution. This area's in trouble and it's up to us the people to fight back. I'm Chuckie Denison I'm from Lake Milton, Ohio. This is my third plant I've seen close," states Chuckie Denison at the opening of the Sanders spot.

Denison is a third generation GM worker featured in Sanders latest digital ad that shines a light on GM Lordstown idling. 

Denison said he wasn't surprised production ended there but "I was angry, I was pissed and that's why I plan on staying here and fighting back."

He worked at Lordstown and most recently Parma, where he took an early retirement in November.

"What we've been doing the last decades is not working. It's not preventing these corporations from shipping our jobs overseas and no one has done anything about it, not Republicans, not Democrats and it's time we hold all of them accountable," he commented.

Denison is part of the political action organization called Our Revolution that spun off from Sanders 2016 campaign.

Sanders said in the spot "Tell General Motors today, no more federal contracts until they deal with Lordstown. Let's see how tough you are!"

Denison supports Sanders but he also likes Congressman Tim Ryan, who has also made GM Lordstown a priority in his bid for president.

The spot is set to be pushed out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The entire ad can be viewed here