A Warren woman, who was convicted of child endangering a month-and-a-half ago for leaving her five-year-old daughter in a van during freezing overnight temperatures, has been charged with child endangering again.

Police filed the charge against 30-year-old Elisa Elliott after a woman told police she found Elliott's two children dirty and diapered and alone in a parking lot on Peace Avenue Wednesday morning. She said one of the children was crawling on the ground.

The woman told an officer that after she moved the children to a sidewalk and called 911, Elliott came around a corner yelling obscenities, took her children, and told the woman not to call the police.

The police report says the children are boys. One is three-years-old, the other is 13-months-old.

Elliott told police that she was in an upstairs bathroom when she heard the front door open, then ran out to find her children.

According to Warren Municipal Court records, Judge Terry Ivanchak issued a bench warrant for Elliott's arrest when she failed to appear for arraignment on Thursday.

Elliott was still on probation for a previous brush with the law.

Back in January, Elliott was charged with child endangering after Warren police say she left her five-year-old daughter in the family van overnight during freezing temperatures.

According to the police report, the low temperature overnight was nine degrees, and the girl was wearing a shirt, pants and a jacket.

Police say the little girl knocked on a neighbor's door after finding the door to her family's apartment was locked.

Elliott pleaded guilty to one count of child endangering in March.

She was sentenced to ten days in jail and placed on probation for two years.