Since his freshman year, we've followed his fight. Now, despite the odds against him, 19-year-old Tanner Noble walked across the stage as a Labrae High School Graduate. 

The hashtag #TannerTuff has followed Noble through his high school career. In 2016, he sat in his living room and shared with 21 News the feeling of being a freshman diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer.

"I'm just super glad that people come out just to support me," said Noble in 2016.

Now, as a senior, he was welcomed to the graduating stage with applause. Selected to speak at commencement, he spoke to his community not a classmate with cancer, but as someone who depicts strength.

"Instead of giving up, I fought through eight surgeries that caused humiliating side effects and depression," said Noble.

He credits the community for helping him survive. He also offered gratitude to Dr. Pete Anderson with the Cleveland Clinic, who was there in the crowd, for introducing his case to a clinical research program and a test drug currently called "Loxo 292."

"It's actually saved my life in a sense because I've actually been able to experience high school and feel healthy," said Noble. 

"He went from losing weight, feeling bad," described Dr. Anderson. "To feeling good, gaining weight, going to school full time. He's got a long life to live."

A long life to live indeed. He now plans to attend Kent State Trumbull and study psychology and writing. 

HIs final words to his class, "If you have faith and it's as small as a grain of mustard seed, you are strong throughout, you too will be #TannertTuff when the time has come," said Noble.