Canfield School officials expect students to be back in class Thursday, but they may learning in different classrooms for a few days.

Canfield Middle School was one of the buildings that was closed on Wednesday after experiencing flooding during Tuesday's heavy rain.

On Wednesday, superintendent Alex Geordan was inspecting the damage at that building and other schools.

"Currently where we are standing there was 3 to 4 inches but around the building." said Geordan. "We had different levels around the district. I's not only the educational spaces you are concerned about, but each of our buildings have basements so we have to pump the water out of there as well."

Geordan said he plans to reopen the district on Thursday, but some of the students will be using classroom space that wasn't flooded.

Sixth grade students will be at Camp Fitch on Thursday, so their classrooms will be available.

As a precaution the schools will wait 72 hours before using any of the spaces that were flooded.