A man arrested by Warren police allegedly threatened to sexually assault an officers family after being accused of trying to cut off a vehicle's catalytic converter. 

Police were called to the 2000 block of Youngstown Road due to reports of someone sawing a catalytic converter. 

When police arrived at East Side Auto, they began checking the car lot because they could hear the sound of a saw striking against metal under a vehicle. 

Police say they saw 40-year-old Roger Humphrey under the vehicle and ordered him to put his hands up, and that is when the man started to run away from officers. 

According to the report, officers were about 10 feet away from Humphrey when he gave up the pursuit. Officers took Humphrey into custody and transported him to the Trumbull County Jail. 

During the booking process, police say Humphrey's eyes began rolling into the back of his head, and his legs started twitching. Police administered one dose of NARCAN to Humphrey, but it did not affect him.

Medical personnel arrived at the jail and administered medication into Humphrey, which he immediately reacted to and snapped out of his medical condition and started acting normal. 

While officers transported Humphrey to St. Joseph Warren Hospital, he allegedly began making statements that he was going to sexually assault specific members of an officers family when he gets the chance. 

Humphrey was charged with possession of criminal tools, petty theft, criminal damaging, obstructing official business and he was booked for prior warrants.