Another round of heavy rains and flash flooding hit our Valley. This time Mercer County seemed to take the brunt of it. 

Heavy rains and flooding kept rescue crews on the run Wednesday evening.

Main Street in Greenville was congested as traffic tried to navigate around high water. After some cars became stuck elsewhere, witnesses said they felt safer waiting out the rain.

"I'm just not chancing it at this point because I had a hard time getting here in the first place," said one woman.

Loutzenheiser Way, just off N. High Street, looked more like a river than a road as the street crumbled and water came rushing down the hill.

"It was all of a sudden, like boom, just like that. Literally, we were sitting on the porch, I turned and looked, and there's all this water running down the alleyway," said Reda Carey.

At the bottom of the hill, a house for sale is okay.

"Opened the back door, it was dry thank God for that," said John Stubert.

A longtime resident on High Street said the area isn't prone to flooding and she hadn't seen the area flood like this in about 20 years.

West of Greenville, near West Salem Township, rescue crews said rushing water pulled a car from a road into a ravine. Six departments were called out for a water rescue. Officials said the man inside was okay.

"The old saying, 'turn around, don't drown." People need to not drive through the high water," said Lt. Brian Albaugh with the Greenville Fire Department.

And with this being another round of heavy rain and flash flooding in the Valley, more eyes seem to be watching the sky.

"I just got done telling the grandchildren yesterday, 'Oh we don't have to worry about it because we're on a hill.' So much for that," said Caery.