Four Mercer County elections were decided in an unusual way Friday afternoon.  

Officials conducted a casting of lots by pulling ping pong balls to break four ties from the May 21 primary election.

Dale A. Bestwick and Mark Skidmore were both at the Mercer County Courthouse today after each of them received 96 votes for the Republican nomination for Coolspring Township supervisor. 

Bestwick drew first, pulling the No. 1 ping pong ball and winning the nomination. Bestwick will run against Democratic nominee Richard C. Filer in November.

The other three ties that were to determine ballot position in November were:

·        Clark Borough Council, Democrat - Douglas Robbins won over Michael Yeatts to earn the No. 2 spot on the ballot after each had 13 write-in votes.

·        Sharpsville Borough Council, Democrat - Christopher Combine won over John Alfredo for the No. 1 spot on the ballot after each received 386 votes.

·        Stoneboro Council, Republican - Chris Ewing won over Roger Patterson for the No. 2 spot on the ballot after each had 16 write-in votes.