The experience of an East Liverpool family has prompted State Representative Tim Ginter to sponsor a bill he says will make state roads in Ohio safer.

In 2012, a crash on Route 7 in Columbiana County killed a sister of Emily Ludwig and injured her sisters two young daughters.  Two years later, an accident on Route 518 killed Ludwig's other sister, her husband and one of their daughters. In both head-on accidents, the other vehicles had crossed the center line.

That's why Ludwig is pushing for having rumble strips in the center of two-lane state roads.

"It's something that not only is going to protect it from happening to another adult; it's going to help another child not to be killed," Ludwig said.

Rumble strips cause noise and vibration to alert drowsy or distracted drivers when they stray off the side of the road. Now a bill introduced by Representative Tim Ginter of Columbiana County would also put rumble strips on the center line of state roads. 

"This would apply only to new roads and repaving and resurfacing when it's major work," Ginter said.   He said the cost is estimated to be about $1,000 per mile.  He said that compares to $100,000 per mile for resurfacing, and the rumble strips will save lives. 

Studies have shown a significant reduction in cross over crashes and fatalities in states that have centerline rumble strips.  Ludwig hopes Ohio will be next.

"It could be done over the next five or ten years, and that would significantly lower our crash rates in Ohio," she said. 

Ginter said there is bi-partisan support for the legislation and it also the backing of Governor Mike DeWine.