Homeowners along Tod Avenue in Warren Township are continuing to chip away at damage from a tornado. The sounds of wood chippers, chain saws, and hammers could be heard on Tod, and Mahoning Avenues.

On Sunday a tornado touched down, twisting off trees and tossing them on roofs, homes, and lawns like they were match sticks. Some people are waiting on insurance assessors to determine what damage is covered under policies. Lena Wargo arrived home to the downed trees and electrical wires. Leona said, "They want to see that the trees are on there and that lines are down. Yesterday neighbors and strangers worked to cut branches and remove them so we could get into our driveway. We really appreciate what they did."

People who lived through the tornado say it lasted only about ten minutes, but the damage was done. Mirando Wargo said, "Me and my mom were standing on the porch, and we went and woke up my dad and put the kids in the bathtub. I pushed everyone in the bathroom, and I just stayed up against the door. It was terrifying. It was probably ten minutes at the most. It passed quickly. Our whole house was shaking; you could hear a few windows shatter, you could hear trees hit the ground. It honestly felt like an earthquake was happening while the tornado was going through."

Their mom Angel Wargo added, "Everything turned white it looked like a large sand storm was taking place. You couldn't see nothing — what a mess. The tree damaged our roof, and now it is leaking. It separated my house, and now there is a crack running through my living room and kitchen. I broke down crying. I was worried about my oldest daughter. She was driving, and I didn't know which way the tornado was going. There is a lot of work to be done. They're going to have to rip the roof off the house and put a new one on since it is leaking. I am thankful everybody is alive. This house is replaceable, but we did a lot of work on this house." Angel broke down in tears, saying she has a lot to deal with right now."

Electrical lines are still down. The family said it could be a week before utility poles are up and they have electricity restored. Angel added, "My husband relies on a breathing machine and has health concerns."

Just one street over across the river on Mahoning Avenue contractors work to replace plastic that was covering the roof with more permanent materials. About 3/4 of the roof was peeled back by the tornado and tossed on the other side of the building ending up twisted between tree limbs. Contractors for Carrier Services Group were still working past 6 pm to repair the roof."

Clean up for some will require minor work, but for others, there are mountains of work left to do, and repairs will be a long term process. Neighbors and strangers who showed up to extend a hand and cut trees, move limbs and remove trees from driveways are appreciated. Their action showed that even in the worst of weather can bring out the best in others."