Up to three inches of rain fell in parts of Columbiana county over the last 24 hours.
Many areas suffered flooding and as of Thursday afternoon, some roadways were still closed.

The ground is so saturated in Columbiana county, entire hillsides are starting to slide onto roadways.
That's what happened on route 45 just outside Wellsville near Hillcrest.
A couple of homes had to be evacuated and electricity crews were quickly on scene to remove power lines and re-wire them to the other side of the road.

An ODOT Manager says the landslide continues to move and is made up of a half an acre of dirt, rock and vegetation.

"We got some high water here and there in the county we've reached the saturation point of the ground it's just not going to take any more it's going to cut loose all over the place like this so state route 7 in Jefferson county is closed," said Scott Jenkins of ODOT.

ODOT says this stretch of road will be closed for several weeks at least as crews try to remove the land mass and make sure there is no danger of further landslides.
According to the county engineer, many township roads got washed out requiring some quick action.

"Last night was one of the most destructive ones we've had. The ditches are taxed to the maximum point the debris from the ditch is washed down to the drivepipes fills them up and then the water goes across the road and when it does it washes the road out," said Columbiana Co. Engineer, Bert Dawson.

Dawson says the county budget is tight so he hopes FEMA might be able to help pay for some of the damage on the county and township roads.