A panel of area leaders came together Monday at the Stambaugh Auditorium to discuss "the state of the Valley." 

The evening was hosted by the City Club of the Mahoning Valley and touched on four key points: the economy, arts, health, and education.

Speaking on health was Mahoning County Health Commissioner Patricia Sweeney, who highlighted a recent survey and it's findings.

"34% stated that during the past year, they were unable to care for themselves or go to work because of a mental health concern," said Sweeney. 

Speaking on education was Superintendent of the Mahoning County Educational Service Center, Traci Hostetler. Hostetler gave some insight on a program that's getting students an up-close look at all types of careers.

"Really just exposing them to the various opportunities that are out there because I think so many of them don't know," said Hostetler.

Talking about those job opportunities was the Chief Operating Officer of the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, Sarah Boryako. Boryako spoke on the still uncertain future of GM Lordstown and said diversification may have helped ease some of the pain.

"Many of the companies that maybe would have closed because of the General Motors situation have not because they worked very hard to diversity over the years so that is one good thing out of that," said Boryako.

Also included in the panel was the Director of Lit Youngstown, Karen Schubert that talked about the positive impacts arts can have on a communities development and outlook.