Patrolman Bryan Granchie and his K-9 partner Csuti, are helping take a bite out of crime.

In an Akron competition, Csuti was able to sniff out a suspect hiding in a 2nd-floor bedroom in just 8 seconds resulting in a gold medal in the category Residential Building Search.

In real life scenarios, the team is making a difference. Officer Granchie said, "We also have several criminal apprehensions where the suspects have surrendered before the dog was able to get out."

Csuti and Granchie also won a gold medal for Vehicle Narcotics search. In two minutes the K-9 found a package of drugs hidden in one of 20 vehicles. We had the team do a mock demonstration for us.

They also took home gold in the Large Area Building Narcotics competition. Officer Granchie added, "We have seen a lot less drugs being brought through town. We had people move out of town who are drug users. It has taken a lot of drugs off the street so far." The officers also won a silver medal for Tactical Skills. 

In addition to taking drugs off the streets and helping to catch criminals, the team works to help potentially save lives. Chief Tim Gladis said, "We use him in our HEAP program, hometown enforcement in trafficking, and trafficking in stolen goods. The dog can sense a human presence in a shipping container or in a room where you can't see. This dog knows what's in there. He can smell and that is another reason we can use him. The dog is a sworn officer. He is just one of us and very valuable to us as a crime-fighting tool. We are proud of our team Officer Bryan Granchie and his K-9 partner. I have been told his name means caution. I want to thank all the people who have donated and to our sponsors who make this team possible. Public support and community support are important to the ongoing success of our program."

People who want to support the K-9 team can donate at the Columbiana Police Department, and write K-9 on the check. That means the money will be earmarked for the K-9 program only.