The Buckeye State was ranked in the top ten for vape use by state based on data gathered by the CDC. 

The company that gathered the data from the CDC, QuoteWizard, found that Ohio had a 5.3 percent crude prevalence of e-cigarette use. 

The percent of Ohioans who vape tied the state with Arizona and Colorado for ninth. 

The report also states that 3.6 million middle and high schoolers reported regular vaping in 2018. 

Additionally, QuoteWizard said that while the FDA does classify the e-cigarette as a tobacco product at this time, it tends to be a gray area for most insurance companies.

The Tobacco Use Surcharge rule under the ACA allows insurance companies to increase premiums up to a maximum of 50 percent for those who signal they use tobacco. 

Pennsylvania was tied with Hawaii and Texas for 21 with 4.7 percent rude prevalence of e-cigarette use.