Rainfall in the Valley on Sunday once again hit Boardman hard. Twenty-four hours later, during a township trustee's meeting, trustees were flooded with more frustrations and concerns from residents.

Ahead of the meeting, Dwight McMurray with McMurray Electric said he'd seen first hand the struggle residents are dealing with in their homes. He added that he's tired of lip service and studies being conducted, and instead he wants action.

"We need to start working on infrastructure with that money," said McMurray.

About 100 people attended the meeting. Township Administrator Jason Loree began with an update on what he calls the Stormwater Master Plan. This plan is essentially a study, but one he said is different than what was conducted in 2004. 

"What they did then was limited to what they had access to, and about 80% of those projects were completed and done," said Loree.

Loree said this study would be done through the newly formed ABC Water District, rather than the township, allowing more access to private property, as well as rivers and streams to get a bigger picture of the problem.

Loree also offered some short term action. Including work to Cadillac Drive and plans to start using camera equipment to get an inside look at some culverts and pipes.

"We want to see how things are flowing," said Loree.

During the meeting, about a dozen residents spoke. One called for earlier action on projects when possible. Another called for a moratorium on all new construction until the issue is worked out.

Also in attendance was State Representative Don Manning. Manning said he is pushing to get this local issue included in the state's operating budget. 

"If we can do that, the operating budget should be finalized by the 17th of this month. So with a little bit of luck and a little bit of prayer, hopefully, we will have that funding secured by the 17th of this month, and then we can start working on fixing the problem," said Manning.