The CEO of Joseph Company International, which is building a plant to produce chill cans on Youngstown's east side, has announced his company has reached a deal with Anheuser-Busch.

Mitchell Joseph told 21 News late Tuesday that the deal includes Anheuser-Busch chill cans to be produced at the Youngstown plant "in time."

There was no specific date for that to happen, but Joseph says that ultimately Youngstown "will be the recipient of all our hard work in research and development."

Chill cans are being produced in California and the UK and will enter a test launch phase in Brazil in September.

21 News stopped by the site of the plant off Himrod Avenue earlier on Tuesday and noticed an overgrowth of weeds and vegetation among the two buildings that have already been built. Joseph says construction on the third building will begin in September.

Joseph admitted some logistical snags with Ohio Edison and foundation construction but stressed that the focus is now 100 percent on Youngstown now that other ventures in California and the UK are finished.

He says light distribution and production of the chill cans will be underway by the end of this year.

Construction on building three will start in the next several weeks and ramp up in earnest this fall.

Landscaping work is set to begin this week, along with flags to be raised at the site entrance.

21 News is continuing to work on this story and will bring you follow-ups on Wednesday.