Poland's council is looking to fix up a bridge that's been in the Village woods for decades, but the one thing the council isn't doing is making it ADA compliant. 

The Poland Municipal Forest has been around for over a hundred years.  It's known for its trails that weave in and out of old growth trees and of course, those spring bluebells. 
But a pedestrian suspension bridge located near the Indian Trail entrance had to be closed last year due to safety concerns.  Built in 1959, years of quick fixes weren't enough to keep it open.

"If I took you out there right now, you'd find 40 different screws, 80 different nails. You'd find duct tape, things of that nature holding it together. As years took its toll, the bridge became unsafe," said Poland Councilman Sam Moffie.

Poland Village Council voted Tuesday night to move ahead with the process of getting Mauthe bridge renovated. When it's finished, it will look a little different, but it won't be ADA compliant because it's located on an old trail and it won't be new construction.
"This is not going to be a bridge that's going to require it. The Poland Municipal Forest is not that kind of natural landmark that meets those requirements," added Moffie.

Council estimates it could cost over $100,000 to get the project finished, and they think it will be completed by this time next summer.