In Berlin Center, along Hoyle Road, trees were uprooted, and limbs were strewn across yards. 

The high winds that possibly reached 40 to 60 mph were too much for Virginia Kern's favorite back yard tree. 

For 45 years she said she and her family had enjoyed the large branches shading her back yard. 

It had stood for years before that. 

"It was humongous and stately and majestic," said Kern. "I raised my children here and my grandchildren here, and now I have great-grandchildren here that will not get to share the blessings of this tree." 

The roots lifted from the ground leaving a deep hole. When it fell, it just missed her home. 

"Probably 17 feet from my deck so it could have hit the house and it didn't, but we are sorry to lose the tree," Kern said.

Trees also came down in some residents yards along State Route 534. 

Many people were out helping to clean up. 

"I got myself a decent chainsaw. You just get in, you take the limbs off then you cut the logs out," said Kevin Kisik. "It's really nice to have good neighbors here to help make everything go a lot faster and smoother."

Some trees on Kelly Park Road in Columbiana looked similar, uprooted and laying on the ground.