In Youngstown, a candlelight vigil was held Friday to protest human detention camps. 

About 100 people came together at the Universalist Unitarian Church with a message that they believe immigrants incarcerated at the U.S-Mexico border are inhumanely treated.

"This is a human rights issue, a justice issue," said Gayle Cantinella from St. John's Episcopal Church.

"The lack of kindness and compassion for these individuals by the authorities is totally unacceptable," said Dr. Khalid Iqbal with the Islamic Society of Youngstown.

Afterward, a candlelight vigil was held across the street at Wick Park. The vigil joined others across the country for what's called the "Lights of Liberty Movement."

"These individuals have put everything on the line to come to this country, to believe in our promise and our American dream. We are squashing that," said Veronica Dahlberg with HOLA Ohio.

21 News asked some in attendance what would they say to those who argue there is a legal way to enter the U.S.

One woman in the crowd shared a story that years ago, her mother, in desperation, illegally crossed from Mexico and gave birth to her here in the U.S.

"I know people need to come in legally, and I do believe in that, and I do believe in the laws of this country, but I also believe we need to be able to offer some sort of help," said Violeta Aguirre.