Former Columbiana County Dog Warden has been sentenced to spend one year behind bars for stealing money from the dog pound.

Columbiana County Judge Meg Bickerton on Monday handed down concurrent 12-month sentences to 43-year old Dawn Croft of East Palestine. Croft pleaded guilty earlier to theft in office, money laundering, and tampering with records.

Court officials say Croft has paid back the $26,268 she stole from the Dog Warden's office between 2015 and 2016.

Prosecutors say in addition to Croft's own employees alerting authorities that something was wrong, the state conducted undercover stings, and she was caught stealing. Agents from the Attorney General's Office, BCI supplied marked money that was never deposited with the treasurer.

According to the Prosecutor, Croft created a PayPal account that Columbiana County administrators didn't know about, she solicited help for the animals at the dog pound but kept the money for herself.

Croft was hired as deputy dog warden/pound keeper in January 2006 and was promoted to the top job eight months later.

Croft was indicted by the Columbiana County Grand Jury two years after the county commissioners voted unanimously to terminate Croft's employment as dog warden.