Two years ago the Ohio Attorney General at the time, Mike DeWine, sued the five largest manufacturers of prescription opioids for their alleged roles in misleading doctors about how addictive the drugs are for people. 

Now current Attorney General Dave Yost is continuing that fight.  21 News sat down with him Thursday and he gave us an update on the status of the lawsuit.

"I absolutely think that we will eventually see some money," described Yost.

He is confident money will be awarded to the state to deal with the opioid epidemic after previous Attorney General Mike Dewine sued drug manufacturers like most other states.

"Whether that's because I tell the story to a jury and a jury gives us money or we reach a settlement, I can't really predict that right now. We're certainly open to settlement discussions," he explained.

Yost does not think that the legal process is close to an end.

What makes this case different from the tobacco case is the thousands of local governments who have also sued and have to be part of a settlement negotiation.

"Try to imagine 2,000 people who all want to get the best deal, trying to negotiate. It's, herding cats would be way easier."

A tool for the state is data and Ohio has a system that has been tracking pain pills but nationally, The Washington Post just reported America's largest drug companies saturated the country with 76 billion oxycodone and hydrocodone pain pills from 2006 thru 2012 as the epidemic spun out of control.

"It just proves up what we've been saying all along, these numbers are going to prove our case."

The cases of two Ohio counties that have sued— Cuyahoga and Summit— will be heard first in a trial scheduled for October.