A local philanthropic organization that offered $1.9 million for 15 years of naming rights for a park being developed around the Youngstown Foundation Amphitheater has secured the naming rights to the area.

Youngstown City Council considered the offer this week from the Raymond John Wean Foundation to pay $125,000 a year to name the Riverfront Park concept.

The money will be used by park manager JAC Management to hire a community engagement and inclusion coordinator, as well and maintain the riverfront park.

The park will be part of the 22 city-owned acres beneath the Market Street Bridge that includes the amphitheater and the Huntington Bank Community Alley event venue and pedestrian walkway.

The park will feature 1.25 miles of walking trails and 20 acres of recreational space.

"The park will serve as the new front door to downtown,but most importantly it will create opportunities for residents to engage in community activities and come together," said President of JAC Management Group, Eric Ryan.