The Chaney football program got an early Christmas gift from the Cleveland Browns..

 The team dropped of some much needed equipment, all part of the National Football League and the Browns Initiative Give Back Program.

'It means the world," said Chaney Head Coach Chris Amill, "just being an inner city school and sometimes we're left out of a lot of things, and for the program starting up, everything we're trying to do, this is great.".

The Browns delivered several boxes of equipment, including cleats, game worn jersey's and pants and gloves. 

Amill says the equipment will go along way.

"Some of big guys with the bigger feet, I'm sure they're going to have some bigger sizes with spikes, pants and jersey's. Its' going to be very helpful for what we're trying to accomplish."

The Browns Give Back Program is donating equipment to 13 schools in Northeast Ohio, including Girard, where they stopped earlier Monday.

"Roughly 10 thousand students will be positively affected by this and roughly over 130 thousand dollars worth of equipment is being distributed," said 

Adam Weber, of the Browns Community Relations Department.