Three days after heavy rain washed out a dam and flooded parts of Trumbull County, property owners continue to watch helplessly as the damage continues almost like the aftershocks from an earthquake.

Property photographed by 680 Aerials on Saturday, shortly after a wall of water came rushing along Stratton Creek, and Kinsman Lake showed even more erosion along the yard of the home on Tuesday.

A small cliff has formed just feet from the door of the home due to further erosion.

People who live in that neighborhood have been cut off from their homes, vehicles, and belongings since a road crossing a dam was washed out during the deluge. 

Trumbull County Commissioners signed a proclamation on Tuesday declaring a state of emergency, and acknowledging that the washed-out road has left 55 people with no way to get to their homes.

The proclamation calls on the county to protect the lives and property of those impacted by the storm.

Trumbull County EMA director Linda Beil told 21 News that the declaration would be forwarded to Governor Mike DeWine in hopes of opening the door to recovery assistance.

The Trumbull County Emergency Management Agency has been collecting damage reports that include basement walls being blown out or washed away; crops, roads, and bridges that have been destroyed in Greene, Gustavus, and Kinsman Townships.

By Tuesday morning thirty people had reported damage to the local EMA.

Anyone wishing to report damage from Saturday's storm can call 211.

The Trumbull County EMA will ask for your name, address, contact number, and type of damage.