The Vice President's remarks about Workhorse securing funding for future jobs in Lordstown caught the attention of Valley lawmakers and leaders.

Vice President Mike Pence told reporters during a stop outside of Columbus on Tuesday that the company was making financial headway.

"Workhorse, I learned just this week, secured the financing to move forward to keep jobs in that community," Pence said. "We're going to continue to look for ways to support that."

A similar story was discussed with Trumbull County Commissioners at a meeting Wednesday morning. 

"The one partner confirmed that they had obtained the funding, the full funding. That's good news," said Dan Polivka, Trumbull County Commissioner.

He's hopeful what he heard it a sign of good news to come to Lordstown.

Some are questioning the timing of the vice president's remarks because the UAW talks with GM are still underway.

State lawmakers say they're trying to find out if and what funding was secured, even checking in with the company that would be on the other end of the deal.

"I have talked to General Motors, and they've indicated at this time they have no knowledge of any new financing that came in," said State Senator Sean O'Brien. 

State Senator Mike Rulli says he wants the White House to direct more focused support to this situation even as UAW talks continue.

"I would like to see the administration; at this time, push everyone to each other so we can work this out. Of course, when you strip everything down, you know everything's around this contract,"

Both believe Pence's comments could mean many things, which is why O'Brien and Rulli are going to meet with Workhorse next week.