In Kinsman, there's still no clear answer on when about 20 families will be able to return to life as normal after flooding washed away the road to their homes. 

The community, still looking for answers after torrential rains caused significant damage, came together for an informational meeting Wednesday night.

"Dollar amount? Four million worth of damage," said Trustee Linda Miller. "In a community that only has $1.5 million per year, so it has pretty much overwhelmed our budget."

Miller said Trumbull County has been instrumental in helping the township with emergency road repairs.

But Lakeview Drive, that was entirely washed away by floodwaters, and that forced about 20 families to evacuate is a considerable undertaking. Eleven days later and some families still haven't been able to return home and haven't been able to get their cars.

"Tell me about it. I said, even if we had a car, it would help," said resident Mary Hoover, who has not been able to return home.

Others that have returned to the area are forced to make do.

"They're able to live back there, and they just travel through the woods to get to their cars," said resident Thomas Yakubik.

Efforts are underway to place a temporary access road. The road will allow residents to get their vehicle out, however not back until the permanent structure is built along its original course. 

The temporary road will not be able to withstand the weight of ambulances, fire vehicles, garbage trucks, or daily traffic. 

Trustees say the road will be a priority when funding becomes available.

Miller assured residents they are working on the issue. Not only for those in the Lakeland developments but others who also sustained severe damage.

"The damage is $40-$50,000 in some homes and no insurance for flood," said Miller.

It's not yet been determined if the area will receive any federal assistance.

Well testing is available free of charge for those concerned about their water. The arrangements are a combined effort of the Trumbull County Combined Health District and the Northern Community Foundation. Residents must have documented flood damage.

Also, this weekend, there are volunteer efforts in place to help residents that live on Lakeview Drive get to their home to throw out garbage, as well as spoiled refrigerator and freezer food.

Access will be assisted:

  • Friday, August 2nd from noon until 8 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 3rd from 8 a.m. until noon.
  • Parking will be on Morford East. Trustees ask that residents do not park on Route 5.
  • Babysitting is available at the Kinsman United Methodist Church. 
  • Two adults per household will be allowed. No children. Homeowners must be on-site for garbage to be removed. 
  • Upon departure, organizers say residents may take out what they can hold in their lap.
  • The check in/out will include an inspection from the fire department and the Trumbull County Emergency Management Agency.