Layoffs are coming to one local steel fabricator in Mercer County as the stress of rising tariffs mount. 

President Donald Trump put the tariffs in place last year to help protect American jobs. 

However, for NLMK Pennsylvania in Farrell with hundreds of workers, this is causing some concern.

Back in April, the U.S. Department of Commerce denied a petition from the company to exclude the fabricator from specific tariffs.

NLMK Pennsylvania, owned by a Russian company, said the 25-ton steel slabs they turn into rolled coils at its facility are not made in the United States and must be imported from there.

It is one of the largest employers in the city of Farrell and one-third of the general fund. 

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey responded to the news of these layoffs.  "It is deeply ironic, not to mention painful to out of work steelworkers, that the administration's protectionist steel tariffs have directly caused the layoff of over 80 Pennsylvanians working in the steel industry. Blanket tariffs on steel and aluminum from our allies distort prices, disrupt supply chains, and increase prices for consumers—including downstream users of these products, who collectively employ millions of Americans," said Toomey.

He added that NLMK paid more than $160 million in tariffs alone, which he said is money that could have been invested in Pennsylvania jobs instead.

Meanwhile, the city manager of Farrell said he's not surprised by the announcement. 

"Their claim is that they just don't have the production to meet what they need to make the products that they sell," said City Manager Michael Ceci. "You can't continue to pay a 25 percent tariff that adds up."

Ceci said any layoffs like these would have a negative effect on the city. 

"There's less trucking jobs because less products coming in and out of the plant, there's less repair work because the equipment's not being used as much," said Ceci. "It's something that's going to affect many other industries, more than just NLMK."

"Right in front of me is a community that is gonna suffer and be one of the losers in this trade war," Ceci added.