The fight over the future of the Campbell water treatment plant has come to an end.

Aqua Ohio has reached an agreement with city officials to purchase the water and distribution system.

The company has been the sole bidder of the plant for months. 

The system serves approximately 8,200 residents through 3,200 connections and needs millions of dollars of improvements.

Key elements of the agreement include several factors, including:

  • Aqua will pay the city $7.5 million for the assets.
  • Aqua will invest an estimated $4.3 million in the water system to enhance water quality, reliability, and regulatory and environmental standards.
  • The average customer using 3,200 gallons will see no increase in their monthly water bill. Customers who use less than the average user in the system can expect to see a decrease in their monthly bill, while those who consume more than average will see a moderate increase in their monthly bills.
  • Upon closing, Campbell will enact the rate plan per the agreement. There will be no rate increases for the next five years; after that time, Campbell will participate in rate negotiations with other political entities served by Aqua in Mahoning Valley.
  • Aqua will offer employment to city water department employees after they pass background and drug screenings.

"I want to commend the city of Campbell's mayor and council members for administering an open and transparent evaluation process," said Ed Kolodziej, Aqua Ohio's president. "This system needs a lot of investment, and Campbell's officials remained focused on making sure any resolution would offer the best solution for members of the community."

Affected customers will be notified of the purchase and details about the transition once the agreement is approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, which is expected to act during the fourth quarter of the year.

"Aqua has served the Mahoning Valley for well over 100 years, and we're excited for the opportunity to welcome Campbell to our local operations," said Jennifer Johnson, Aqua's area manager.

Johnson will oversee the transition and manage the system once the agreement is  finalized.

"We will collaborate with the city during the transition, as they will maintain billing and maintenance responsibilities until closing," Johnson said.

Before the end of the year, the company will host an open house to meet new customers, discuss important service and billing details, and allow residents to ask questions.