Canfield Schools is joining a list of schools that will require students who participate in extra-curricular activities to take a drug test.

While many schools drug test athletes, some aspects of Canfield's policy differ from other schools.

A meeting was held Thursday evening to explain the policy to parents.

The new policy would require high school student drivers, athletes, and marching band students to take a urine test. That testing will be for nicotine and other drugs.

Discipline for those that test positive will be handled internally by the school and parents.

While the new policy applies to high school students, the district will allow parents of all K-12 students to "opt-in" if they choose — results for those that opt-in would go directly to the parents.

Another "opt-in" policy allows students to come forward before a drug test and admit that they need help. This option would avoid discipline but involve counseling and other services to help the student.

This drug testing does not only test for drugs but nicotine, including vaping products.