State Senators Sean O'Brien and Michael Rulli met with Workhorse officials in Cincinnati Friday regarding their interest into the GM Lordstown plant. 

Jim Cain, Senior Manager of News Relations for GM, tells 21 News that a new company ran by former Workhorse CEO Steve Burns is looking to purchase the Lordstown facility from GM, but negotiations are still underway.

21 News has learned that the new company will be named Lordstown Motor Corp. according to documents filed with the state of Ohio.

Cain also said that a lot of progress is being made in the deal.

There was some confusion when Vice President Mike Pence said Workhorse secured $25 million, and some wondered whether this would go towards purchasing the idled Lordstown plant. But Cain cleared this up and said the money was for a backlog of electric trucks, not to buy the plant. 

O'Brien tells 21 News he and Rulli are cautiously optimistic after visiting the Workhorse plant.

Workhorse currently has a contract for 6,000 fleet trucks that O'Brien said would be perfect for the Lordstown plant. 

The new company would use UAW workers, and O'Brien said that fluid contract negotiations are going on between GM and the UAW.