The city of Girard is fighting a judge's decision to allow thousands of drivers to sue the city over speed camera tickets issued along Interstate 80.

Attorney's for the city have filed a notice of appeal in the 11th District Court of Appeals, saying they'll challenge Trumbull County Common Please Judge Andrew Logan's determination that a lawsuit filed against the city is a class action.

That class-action designation would mean people who were ticketed for driving faster than 55 along westbound I-80 in Girard between December 7th, 2017 and January 7th of 2018 could become plaintiffs in addition to the four that filed the original lawsuit.

Attorney Marc Dann with Dann Law in Cleveland, argues in the lawsuit that when the construction was completed on I-80, the speed limit was restored to 65 miles an hour. However, one sign was left on the road stating that the speed limit was 55 in that zone.

It was on that basis that Girard issued the speeding tickets, but Attorney Dann says that was not the correct speed.

He says the city has refused to reimburse drivers who dispute the tickets.

According to court records, Girard issued 7,733 citations during the month-long period using the Blue Line Solutions Manned Photo Laser System.

Six thousand seven hundred eighty-four of those drivers paid fines, penalties, or fees as a result of the citation. Nine hundred forty-nine cited drivers were found not liable at a hearing and paid no fines.

The speeding tickets, in this case, ranged from $104 to $179. They are civil violations and do not become part of a person's driving record.

City attorneys have argued that the city ordinance mandates that drivers must not exceed the "posted" speed limit, which at the time was still 55 mph according to the signs that remained up after construction was completed.

The city also argued that those filing the suit should have contested the tickets through an administrative hearing outlined in the ordinance allowing the speed cam enforcement.

The lawsuit seeks to invalidate the tickets as well as award attorney fees - unspecified actual and punitive damages.