The Trumbull County NAACP is joining the fight against fracking. 

According to the organization, the Trumbull and Ashtabula NAACP units recently composed and passed a national anti-fracking resolution.

Members hosted an educational meeting on Tuesday in Warren to teach the community about the impacts of fracking. 

This is just one of several meetings that are taking place across the state on this issue. 

Trumbull County has been a popular site for injection wells in recent years. 

"One of the things that we really want to inform the communities is that Ohio has the highest number of injection wells in the country. So we are looked at as basically a site where toxic waste can be stored without being questioned," said Annette McCoy, the Trumbull County NAACP President. 

McCoy says her organization has met with local state representatives to propose legislation to help develop stricter guidelines when it comes to planting injection wells.

The organization said they've met will all the state representatives and commissioners in the Valley to discuss the proposed recommendations.

The panelists included Dr. Ted Auch, Great Lakes Program Coordinator of FracTracker and Dr. Kimberly Jackson of the Pinn Family Practice.