Employees at the Salvation Army in Warren found a dog that was in a donation bag at the thrift store's facility. 

An employee stumbled upon the dog when they noticed a trash bag was moving while unloading donations. 

Animal advocate Jason Cooke and organizer of the non-profit "Healthy Hearts and Paws Project" traveled to the store to pick up Daisy and take her to the local veterinarian to get a check-up.

"I don't think the dog went in the bag on it's own. I think somebody had this dog and no longer wanted to care for her and felt that it was best to just dump her at the Salvation Army," said Cooke.

Cooke said that Daisy was found without any tags or a microchip. She checked out okay at the veterinarian's office, however has some skin issues due to fleas. She received the necessary treatment and shots. 

Daisy is believed to be a Dotson- Lab mix, between the age of four and six, and weighs about 45 pounds.

It's not clear if a police report has been filed or if charges could be pressed against whoever dumped the dog, but Cooke wants people to know that there is a proper way to go about getting rid of an unwanted animal 

"I encourage people  if they have a dog or cat, that they feel they can no longer care for, reach out to organizations and get help for that animal," said Cooke. "You can't abandon dogs in the state of Ohio, so if you cant afford your dog or you need help with your dog reach out for help."

If someone is interested in adopting Daisy they can contact the Healthy Hearts and Paws Project on Facebook or call 234-855-5847. Those interested will be asked to fill out an application and go through a screening process.

Organizers also gently remind those interested that Daisy isn't the only dog in need of a good home and many pets like her are available for adoption.