A meeting is scheduled next month for people who want to know what's happening with a project to bring a new business and nearly 1,000 jobs to the city of Warren.

Warren Traffic and Safety/Operations Chairman Mark Forte tells 21 News he's invited the mayor, safety service director, and council members to a September 3 meeting with Auto Parkit Owner, Chris Allen.

It's been four years since Allen announced plans to build automated parking garages.  Allen is renovating the former General Electric plant on Dana Street for the project.

In addition to questions about when the project will be completed, some people living near the project are complaining about the shutdown of Dana Street, and piles of concrete and debris at the corner of Banks Street and Paige Avenue.

Forte says Allen will give a presentation to about the Auto Parkit project to city officials, followed by a question and answer session.

The September 3 meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. In the City Council Caucus Room.