A Boardman Amish furniture store has closed, and one customer claims that she will not get her deposit back.

Pennsylvania Hill Furniture, located on the 8000 block of Market Street, closed recently.

According to the report, a customer claims that she bought a dining room table from the store in July.

The report says the customer paid half of the balance, $1,885.81.

The customer told police that she received a call on Wednesday from a company representative that said the business was closing and that she would not be getting her deposit back.

Police say the customer filed a report with the Ohio Attorney General's Office and a claim with her bank.

21 News went to the business and found that the building is locked up and vacant.

A company representative said the store has already closed and resolved the deposit payments with their customers.

The representative said they have spoken with their customers and they should be able to receive the chargeback on their deposits.