A local manufacturing business that specializes in equipment for the Navy expressed some of their concerns about the future to Congressman Mike Kelly Thursday.

A stakeholder at Ellwood Group's New Castle facility brought up that the Navy may want to buy foreign shafts for the new generation of warships, known as frigates, but this company can make them.

Congressman Kelly, a Republican, said that this is counter to President Trump and his administration's philosophy of America first.

"He (President Trump) has said often that if you don't have steel, you don't have a country. You don't have a way to defend yourself. So a lot of the levers he is pulling right now are in the sense of being able to defend yourself and national security. So this is so bizarre, this is 180 degrees different than what we think it should be and I'm on board with you on that, and we'll work with you closely on this," said Kelly.

Kelly pledged to work with the company and the Department of Defense and the Navy on this issue.

Also while touring the New Castle facility, Kelly touted the company's investment in the community and contributions to national defense.

"This is about jobs, local jobs. But more importantly than that, or just as important, is the fact of America's security and defense and what we can do and what we have to do in order to defend ourselves as a country and as America."

Kelly praised the investment of the company and current chairman of the board of directors and previous CEO, David Barensfeld, for stepping up and making an investment here when others have run away.