If you escaped the latest bout of severe weather without any damage, be grateful.

Other Valley homeowners were not as fortunate.

In one hard-hit neighborhood in Warren, people are coming together to help. 

Two large cranes were needed to remove large trees that crashed onto homes on Carlton Drive NW in Warren. A tree demolished a second-floor bedroom and the garage of one house. It also smashed two backyard storage sheds. 

Another home had it's roof crushed, and a large limb shattered a dining room window. "And it exploded, that window exploded," said homeowner Duane Messner.

The dining room set was pushed all the way into the living room, and glass was everywhere. Messner says he experienced many a storm in the Navy, but this rain was different. 

"I never saw rain like this. I never seen rain actually, literally rain sideways,"  Messner said.

Within minutes of the storm, neighbors say everyone was coming out to offer help. "We were all here offering bedrooms, bathrooms and whatever needed to help them through the night," said Cindy Angelo.

And Angelo was still helping out the next day in her kitchen. 

"I'm cooking for about twenty people; we're doing spaghetti and meatballs, another family is doing salad and butter bread, another brought a cake."

Angelo also offered a spare room for Duane Messner and his wife to stay in. 

A tree service was busy cutting the downed trees into manageable sizes to be hauled away or put through a chipper.  The next step will be putting up tarps to protect the damaged homes from the elements until repair work can begin. 

It's the latest episode in what seems to be a case of hit-and-run storms that bring heavy rain and damaging winds but only hit isolated areas.