Tax incentives are often given to new businesses to get them to come to a community.

Lordstown offered them to TJX and the new power plant.

Two people on Lordstown council now want to set limits on any tax abatement given to any new business. Robert Bond and Karen Jones introduced the resolution. 
They say due to Lordstown's location to highways, businesses don't need any added incentive to come to the village and residents are missing out on potential tax revenue.

"I think 50% abatement here instead of the larger amounts is a fair deal. And cutting the time from 15 to ten years is also fair. A business knows within ten years whether or not they will make it," said Bond.

But Mayor Arno Hill thinks it's a bad idea. He says tax abatements are already done on a case by case basis and he says there are perimeters already set for tax abatements. He says if they didn't offer one to the power plant, the schools would be in dire straits.

"Right now that plant provides more funding to Lordstown Schools than the state.  We have to lure the people here to be able to provide jobs. We are almost turning into a retirement community here and if we don't have young people here with jobs who is going to pay the bills?" Hill said.

The mayor threw out a hypothetical question, "If GM or a similar company wanted to take over the old plant would council jeopardize a potential deal with these set tax abatement limits?"

Council had a first reading on the resolution Monday night. A vote is expected at a future meeting.