Quick action by Niles police probably saved the life of a man seriously injured in a disturbance on Monday night and a police body camera captured the whole incident.

Yellow police tape was still blocking the entrance to the Timber Creek Apartments on North Road, where police were called for a disturbance around 10:30 pm on Monday.  

The first officer to arrive noticed a man shouting and punching windows in the lobby with his fist.

"The first officer arrived and witnessed him put his entire arm through a plate glass window of the apartment building," said Niles Chief Jay Holland.

The officer's body cam shows the moment the window shattered, and a woman in the apartment next to the lobby heard it.

"I could hear glass exploding, and I waited a couple of minutes and stepped out there, and there was just blood everywhere," Heidi Durst said. 

The man, identified as 31-year-old Davonte Smith, had suffered deep cuts in his forearm and was losing blood rapidly, possibly from a severed artery. The officer called for an ambulance, but another officer, who is former military and carries a tourniquet in his cruiser, arrived first. Then another officer, also a veteran arrived, and put on a second tourniquet and applied pressure to the wounds.

Even Smith knew he was in serious trouble.  "Hurry, I'm losing a lot of blood, please, I'm not trying to die," Smith is heard saying on the video.

Based on the amount of blood loss, the chief believes the officer's actions probably saved Smith's life.

"I don't want to say he would have died, but it's a fairly good chance he would have passed away had those officers not taken that swift action," Holland said. 

Smith is recovering in the hospital and will be charged with felony vandalism. 

The officers involved in the event were Patrick Cox and Ryan Ifft.