When temperatures get as warm as they have been over the past few days, cooling off becomes a top priority. 

"We recommend starting at about 76 degrees, but once again everyone is a little bit different," says Tim Clayton, Vice President of Clayton Heating and Cooling. 

A new study out but Energy Star, a program run by the Department of Energy, has new suggestions for where you should set your thermostat. 

"I set mine at 74, 74 when I'm there, 73 when I'm sleeping," said one person we spoke with in downtown Youngstown.

The study suggests to reduce costs and energy usage, that homes be set at 78 degrees when you're home, 82 degrees when you're sleeping, and 85 degrees when you're away from home. 

"I set my thermostat at 70 or below that would be way too hot for me," said one man we spoke with.  "Seventy-six is about the upper limit for when you're in the house and maybe 79 or 80 when you're away from home," said another person we spoke with.

Clayton says everyone is different, and it's all about what you're comfortable with. 

"It's all about comfort, what are you willing to pay for that comfort. Turning it up, we recommend if you're going away like if I leave for a whole day, I'll take it up maybe two to four degrees because what we don't want to do is let the humidity back in."