A mom of a fallen veteran is on a mission. Her goal is to run 1,000 miles, visit all 50 states, and deliver a wreath to a family of a fallen veteran in each one of those states.

Wednesday afternoon, her journey brought her to Liberty Township.

"I just want to tell you that you have not been forgotten. Not for a second," said Cathy Powers to a small crowd outside the Veterans Outreach.

In her hand was a wreath that she brought for the Carr Family of Fowler. But before presenting the wreath to the family of Sgt. Robert Carr, the 51-year-old shared a little about her purpose for running.

"We held his hands, and we told him we don't know if you know, but you're going to die, son," recalled Powers. 

She explained that six years have passed since her son, Senior Airman Bryce Powers, died after being in a coma for more than six months.

"We said your brain is broken; your body is broken; nothing is wrong with your spirit. You go, and we'll be okay," she said.

But, "okay" has taken time for both Powers and her husband.

"He had told me at our son's funeral; there's a huge crowd, don't get used to this. At the end of the day, it's going to be me, and you left standing alone. That is where his heart was. That's what he's been through," said Powers.

But she's learned their family doesn't have to go it alone.

What she's doing is "Running Fir Wreaths."  An idea she created to deliver wreaths to parents of fallen soldiers in all 50 states and along the way bringing awareness to her fundraiser to be able to lay 7,777 wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery in December.

"And that 7,777 is exactly how many days our son lived his life and just trying to do something good with that number," said Powers.

She then presented a wreath to the father and step-mother of Sgt. Robert Carr who died nearly 13 years ago.

"None of us want to be a Gold Star member, but we meet a lot of good people," said Jeff Carr.

So far, Powers has run 685 miles and visited 37 states. To learn more about her effort, visit: